Jowy Massdamme Sticks to Ink and Pencil for Monochromatic Pieces

 - Apr 22, 2013
References: showstudio & depesha
Combining fantasy, fragility and mystery in her artwork, Jowy Massdamme's illustrations are like taking a look at the dark side of fashion.

Starting off as a law student, Jowy Massdamme quickly realized her true passion for illustration as a way to express herself. Sticking to the bare minimums of an artist's tools, Massdamme uses ink and pencil to create monochromatic pieces which "focus on high fashion and the human body and often emphasizes transformation, fragility and fantasy," according to her Show Studio profile. The artist also has her own blog, I see Jane Mary, where she explores her favorite subjects of high fashion and the human body.

Rather than focusing on the perfection of the fashion industry, Jowy Massdamme's artwork offers a breath of fresh air in the form of cryptic black and white skeletal illustrations.