- Oct 5, 2013
Sporting any of these spooky Halloween accessories should be just enough to tide you over until you can get into full costume on October 31st.

These creepy-chic accessories play up motifs from some of the most classic monsters from witches to skeletons, as well of some of the more popular creatures of the moment like zombies from The Walking Dead and vampires from various TV series.

The accessories range from truly frightening creations dripping in faux blood and dangling body parts to tamer interpretations like Charlotte Olympia's cute Halloween-inspired capsule collection. Depending on which way you prefer to dress up in anticipation of All Hallow's Eve, you'll be sure to get at least a few smiles or scares out of these spooky Halloween accessories.

From Blood-Covered Clutch Bags to Witchy Velvet Platforms: