Sam Eddy's Unusual Animal Accessories

 - Jun 4, 2009   Updated: Jun 7 2011
Sam Eddy's 'Animal Masks' are perfect for taxidermy fans. I don't think that these unusual accessories are actually made from dead animals, but you never know.

Sam Eddy's 'Animal Masks' range from feathered creations to furry and long-eared ones. While the first one would fly at a masquerade ball, I'm thinking the rest of these are perhaps better suited for Halloween. What do you think?

Implications - Ideas such as Sam Eddy's 'Animal Masks' allow the wearer to become someone else. The intrigue to do so is high because it capitalizes on the idea that people want to escape the realism of reality. Escapism is appealing as the consumers do not appreciate the hectic lifestyles most people experience. Masks provide the wearer an outlet to do so.