- Oct 16, 2013
These creepy Halloween jewelry pieces will definitely make your skin crawl. Even those with an immunity to all things gruesome might find that some of these creations are enough to make their stomach churn.

Unless you like to freak people out on a regular basis, the end of October is the perfect time of year to wear dismembered body parts, sharp teeth, slimy eyeballs and accessories dripping in faux-blood. In addition to making incredible statement pieces on their own, these pieces of Halloween jewelry can complete the look of a decomposing zombie or deranged doll costume.

A few of these freaky accessories are incredibly life-like, which makes them even more unsettling. One of the creepiest creations is a bracelet made by Sruli Recht that is made from an actual strip of his own flesh.

From Pulsing Organ Pendants to Blinking Eyeball Jewelry: