The Silver & Cz Evil Eye Ring by DiamondJewelryNY is Eye-Catching

 - Sep 23, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
For those who like wearing eyes on their fingers comes the Silver & Cz Evil Eye Ring by DiamondJewelryNY. This odd and beautiful ring will certainly have you stand out in a crowd.

Eyeballs are amazing organs -- they can detect light, distinguish shapes and colors, and they possess certain bioculary abilities amongst other things. The eye ring does none of those things, but does pay homage to these amazing organs. Most people are blessed with two eyeballs upon birth, but there is no reason we should not have them on our fingers too. The Evil Eye Ring actually appears quite pleasant despite its title, and is covered in small crystals. The actual ring is made up of sterling silver materials.

If you love your eyes and want to wear them on your fingers, the Evil Eye Ring is a huge opportunity to do so.