Sruli Recht Puts His Blood, Sweat and Skin into This Weird Jewelry Piece

 - Jan 20, 2013
References: youtube & dezeen
Icelandic fashion designer Sruli Recht has put more than just his creative mind into his latest piece of incredibly weird jewelry: he has also included a piece of his own flesh.

The designer had a strip of his own skin removed from his belly via a bizarre surgery. The skin was then salted and tanned for preservation purposes. With the strip of flesh, which contains belly hair and all, he then attached it to a 24 carat gold ring. For anyone with an expensive and questionable appetite for jewelry with hairy human bacon on them, the ring is available for almost $500,000.

I probably should have warned readers earlier, but the video isn't for people with weak stomachs, as it includes a nonchalant Sruli doing the "routine" surgery.