From Cleopatra-Inspired Editorials to Modern Hieroglyph Menswear

 - Aug 29, 2014
Whoever said that less is always more wasn't talking about these Egyptian fashion finds. For centuries, Ancient Egypt has been an inspiration for daring fashion lovers with a flair for opulence. When looking at these clothing, accessory and editorial examples, one is taken to another world and an ancient time.

These high fashion collections, jewelry pieces and photoshoots feature a heavy use of ornamentation and remind us of a time where the highest forms of opulence gained the highest levels of respect.

Whether mimicking ancient craftsmanship or looking to the mysticism of the 90s for their inspiration, these Egyptian fashion examples defy tradition. Going against the grain, the fashions often embrace opulence or feature symbolic graphics that are reflective of Egypt's history and culture. This popular aesthetic has been gaining attention thanks to style-setters like Rihanna and others who are known to embrace eccentric style inspirations.