Arosha Luigi Taglia is Inspired by Egyptian Gods

 - May 12, 2011
References: boticca & boticca
Jewelry designer Arosha Luigi Taglia has created a simple, unique jewelry line in honor of the Egyptian deity Anubis.

The jewelry designer used his minimalistic design style when creating the Anubis line. The pieces have elegant lines to look similar to Anubis' jackal head. Each piece is made of either 18K yellow gold with white diamonds or in a beautiful white gold with a ruby center. Arosha Luigi Taglia's jewelry designs and completed work is stunningly simple and sophisticated.

Arosha Luigi Taglia has said of his inspiration, "[...] ancient Egypt, with its immensely powerful pharaohs and the pantheon populated by gods half human half animal with fascinating names, represented for me a byword of mystery, esotericism, adventure and huge treasuries."