- Jul 18, 2014
When a bride is planning for her big day, there's a lot of focus put on the dress, but creating a really showstopping look is all in the details—right down to the makeup, nail polish, accessories, floral accents and of course, a wedding headpiece.

As weddings become more casual, a lot of brides are opting for less formal dresses, which also means that there are fewer wedding veils too. However, a simple tiara, flower crown or other bridal headpiece can be just as dressy and have just as much impact. Instead of splurging on an item that's ridiculously overpriced that will only be worn for a few hours, many crafty brides opt to make a DIY headpieces or veil, which can bring a beautiful personal touch to her wedding day look.

From Delicate Floral Headbands to Upcycled Bridal Headpieces: