Winona Johnson Creates a Ring That Showcases Her Love of Picking Zits

 - May 25, 2011
References: etsy & thefancy
Winona Johnson is a talented artist who has experience in the fields of metalworking, painting, sculpting, ceramic molding and photography. Her favorite job out of them all is as a metalsmith, and it's through this vocation that she has created stunning jewelry creations in her portfolio.

Winona Johnson says that most of her artwork is inspired by everyday experiences, although her latest piece comes from a bizarre favorite pastime of hers -- popping pimples. Johnson’s pimple-popper ring is by the far the most unusual piece of jewelry you may ever come across. Johnson says that she has so much fun popping pimples, blackheads and all sorts of zits and knows she’s not alone. This ring is for all those who love picking at their faces as much as she does.