From Fingerprint Wedding Bands to Custom Bridal Bobbleheads

 - Jul 31, 2014
From fingerprint wedding bands to custom bridal bobbleheads, these personalized wedding day finds let one's individuality shine through. Whether stylish or sentimental, these invitation ideas, DIY projects and jewelry pieces are nothing short of amazing and ensure your big day is one to remember.

Standouts from this list of personalized wedding day finds include "MARIAGE POUPÉE", a wedding service that creates personalized cake topper figurines using 3D printing and scanning technologies. The hyper-realistic figurines come to use from Japanese resin processing company Morisaki Jushi.

Another memorable example from the list includes personalized garment hangers from Etsy users The Hanger Girl. These accessories are painted in a color of choice and feature a metal-made text detail that can be shaped to form any word.