From Subtle Sweetheart Rings to Diamond-Less Wedding Bands

 - Apr 29, 2014
These simple wedding rings are all about maintaining tradition in unconventional ways. With components like a band, a jewel and a claw for women (and even fewer elements for men's wedding band designs) there aren’t very many pieces to manipulate or remove. However, some of these inventive designs keep the form of the traditional engagement ring and ditch the diamond altogether, focusing more on the symbolism of the jewelry piece than the bling. Instead of flaunting a diamond, some of these alternative wedding rings proudly show off the absence of the diamond with an empty claw, or something else unique in its place.

Whether for the sake of extreme minimalism or with the intention of opting for a diamond-free design, bands that include hidden details or engraved messages bring a stronger significance to the couple, without needing to be overly showy.