Constellation Jewellery

 - Jan 4, 2008
References: wantjewellery
If you're willing to share your relationship status on social networking sites, then why not show it off proudly in life too by wearing one of these neat astrological sign rings?

"Couples in Constellation", "Solo Stars" and "Star lines" are the names of a new range of jewellery designed and made by A Want for Jewellery in Queensland, Australia.

This is high quality, very personalised jewellery perfect for the "Solo Star" (proudly single) or the star crossed lovers ("Couples in Constellation") or the Super close Family ("Star lines") looking for some new "Bling".

The pictured piece is a "Couples in Constellation" ring that has the Leo and Libra constellation on it in Diamonds (white diamonds for the constellation and coloured diamonds just for extra effect, that is optional). The design of the ring is classic, comfortable and it suits both sexes. It is great for Wedding rings and Commitment Rings

The "Solo Star" jewellery has just the owner's constellation on it. Personally, I think displaying your single status, on jewellery, is so much better than banana's up or down at the supermarket.

The next "cool" thing is that the Jewellery can be either made from: Environment friendly - Recycled Gold (old jewellery, that every body has sitting in the drawer, that you don't wear anymore) or if you don't have any old jewellery it can be made from New Gold (supplied by the Jeweller).

A Want for Jewellery has also designed "Star lines" which is jewellery that incorporates the wearers Families constellation (eg Mum, Dad and Babies) I think that this is a great concept for new parents and the best thing is that these pieces can be updated (by inserting more constellation's) to include more family members.

The Range includes: Rings, Pendants, Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings and is specifically designed for the wearer.

This jewellery is not mass produced, each item is actually ordered so this jewellery can be made to suit budgets and individual tastes.

For more information please contact A Want for Jewellery via their website