'The Aesthetic of Fears' is 3D-Printed Jewelry Inspired by Insects

 - Aug 6, 2013
References: dorryhsu & dezeen
Royal College of Art Student Dorry Hsu confronted her fear of bugs by creating 'The Aesthetic of Fears.' The collection of 3D-printed jewelry is inspired by creepy crawlies and is a bit unnerving. The collection was 3D printed in clear resin using stereolithography (SLA) and the color was added later by dipping each piece into boiling dye, one color at a time.

The resulting bracelets and rings are creepy, to say the least. While the pieces are certainly colorful and eye-catching, seeing them up close is akin to looking at small insects under a microscope. The bracelets and rings aren't all that frightening, but the facial accessory takes the cake when it comes to creepiness, looking like something straight out of a horror/sci-fi film.