'Precious Creatures' with Staring Problems

 - Oct 26, 2008
References: zoekendall & dazeddigital
Precious Creatures by Zoe Catherine Kendall is a collection of meticulously designed eyeball jewelry made from fine silver. They resemble creepy eyes one would see in alien or monster movies. 

Any of these Precious Creature pieces would make for great conversation. I can heart it now: "Wow, that is some neck piece!  It almost looks like the scene from 'War of the Worlds' where the aliens are checking out the basement." On the other hand, it also could prompt someone to say, "Excuse me, but your neck piece is staring at me.  Would you mind turning it around?"

Precious Creatures by Zoe Catherine Kendall, although meant to be worn year-round, are also a great option for Halloween--especially if you aren't brave enough to wear them randomly throughout the year.