- Jan 14, 2014
Each Halloween, eyeballs are being used to make eerie novelty items. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but if that's true, our souls are really creepy and disturbing. Looking at this list will make you realize that although they look cool, your peepers are really odd to look at on their own.

There are so many interesting creations inspired by eyeballs on the Internet. Although, oddly enough, there are ocular Christmas tree decorations, so I guess it's not a Halloween-only design motif. One thing you especially see during Halloween is eye-themed edible goodies. Hopefully they taste better than they look. Best just to close your eyes while you eat them. Fashion also seems to be pretty taken with the idea of iris-printed accessories. From rings to socks and even glaring purses, this icky anatomy really has a hold.

These Creepy Eyeballs Will Make You Cringe, But Not Look Away: