The Evil Eye Ear Cuff Can See All of Your Faults

 - Dec 17, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
The Evil Eye Ear Cuff is an eerie punk accessory that may be a little disconcerting for those standing around you.

The large blue eyes give off the feeling like they are able to see more than the average person. Perhaps that is the look you like to present to people. The idea that you can peer into the depths of someone's soul. If so, this ear cuff is a nice accompaniment to your oracle image. They come in three different colors: gold, silver and bronze. The eyeball gets hooked onto your earlobe and the metal cuff wraps around the upper cartilage of your ear.

The Evil Eye Ear Cuff sticks out strikingly, so there is no way someone can hide from the intrusive gaze of the blue iris. It is made by Janes Gift Store on Etsy.