6 Terrifying Dishes to Freak Out Guests at Zombie Parties

 - Jul 4, 2009
References: instructables
This gallery features images of six incredible recipes for terrifying dishes for zombie parties.

Since horror conventions and zombie parties and marches are held all over the world, creative minds have concocted themed foods for these events. These recipes, via Instructables, would be a hit among any friends who love a little gore and wouldn’t mind sinking their teeth into some brains or eyeballs.

Check out the Gallery of Dishes to be prepared for the next Undead Event!

1.Edible Eyeballs recipe by impulese 94
2.Fake Brains recipe by indymogul
3.Zombie Sausages recipe by jfdonohoe
4.Finger Food recipe by caitlinsdad
5.Zombie Pear heads recipe by dawn.to
6.-9. Making Brain form a melons recipe by scoochmaroo