- Sep 17, 2014
Even though Halloween may still be over a month away and the fall season hasn't officially started yet according to the calendar, these spooky shoes will help to kick things off in style. Halloween only takes up one day of the year, but the great thing about these heels, sneakers, flip flops and slippers is that they can be worn year-round if you happen to like freaking out others with your strange choices in footwear.

Quite a few of these designs are handmade and involve painting a plain pair of shoes. If you're super crafty, this could inspire you to create some seriously creepy accessories to pair with your Halloween costume—and if not, one of the great things about Halloween is that you can get away with your DIY projects being a little messy, especially if there's fake blood involved.

From Undead Body Part Heels to Gruesome Sparkle Flats: