Tsai Shiou-Yin's Hair Heels are Scarily Hairy

 - May 18, 2011
References: financialmirror & odditycentral
These are some of the strangest stilettos I've ever seen. They're a little bit scary and very hairy.

Tsai Shiou-yin's hair heels are exactly what they sound like: fashionable high heels made entirely out of human hair. They're definitely not your average store-bought stiletto! Shiou-yin is a very experienced hairdresser who realized that hair has artistic potential beyond the head. She starting crafting creations out of curls, designing blonde brooches, red rat sculptures and finally, hairy high heels.

Shiou-yin explains that using human hair is essential for the pieces since plastic hair doesn't stand up to shaping, dying and gluing as well. This has prompted her to accept hair donations from neighbors and friends who appreciate her art.

Although they are strictly art pieces not for wear, Tsai Shiou-yin's hair heels are "tress-tastic"!