From Boldly Printed Rapper Kicks to Furry Sci-Fi Slippers

 - Jun 7, 2015
These examples of furry footwear range from cruelty-free to unusually chic. Whether adorned with animal print or reserved for the home, there is a pair here for every fur-supporting fashion lover.

Etsy's Custom Clothing Art shop retails fur accenting slippers for the fans of past and previous rap moguls. While this style is rather niche, a broader shoe might be Vans spotted skate shoe offered in both men's and women's styles. For the sci-fi fans, Star Trek-inspired furry slippers provide comfort and nostalgia while fashion-forward women can rejoice at the sight of CĂ©line's mink covered pumps.

Examples of furry footwear even appeal to Disney fans, with the Vans 'Minnie Couture' shoe featuring brown faux fur and polka-dot laces.