- Oct 24, 2014
If you don't have a spooky pair of Halloween shoes yet, don't fret -- you'd be surprised at the number of options out there for you.

Halloween shoes aren't merely shoes that you're going to rock with your Halloween costume. Rather, these frightening footwear options will help you spread the spirit of Halloween all year around, and why not? Scare your opponents on the basketball court by rocking a pair of pumpkin-themed basketball kicks or put on footwear adorned with skulls, body parts or other shocking objects to show people you're not scared to embrace the Halloween spirit.

If you're worried that wearing Halloween-themed shoes will force you to compromise on the fact that you need to wear your heels to the club, think again. Now you can be a classy lady and still scare the crap out of people by rocking heels covered in all manner of gory adornments including body parts, unsightly fur and extraterrestrial anatomical suggestions.

From Pumpkin Court Kicks to Undead Body Part Heels: