These Bone High Heels Have Robbed Skeletons of Their Bits

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: thecultlabel & outblush
Let's hope the bones in these Bone High Heels are not brittle. The main reason being that they have to support the weight of an entire human body. However, it seems as though any fears one has about these shoes will soon be put to rest.

These shoes are a little off-putting though, maybe because the heel is in the shape of a vertebrae or it might be due to the fact that someone would design shoes that mimic human parts. Whatever the reason is, there will still be a majority of the population who, being fascinated by this product, will also fund their existence. Halloween and ritual sacrifices seem to be the only place these bone high heels would fit seamlessly into. Until that time comes, these heels would be better kept buried in closets and out of sight.