Erwina Ziomkowska's Pinned Shoes are Extremely Painful

Erwina Ziomkowska has created a set of pinned shoes that are frighteningly sharp and pointy. Made using 2 whopping kilograms of pins, these are probably the only shoes that would make Cinderella's evil stepsisters think twice before putting them on in order to win Prince Charming. The shimmering exterior may entice a few, but as soon as they look inside each one, they will quickly realize that slipping their feet inside Erwina Ziomkowska's pinned shoes would yield a great deal of pain.

Recently exhibited during the Art fairs Z├╝rich, Erwina Ziomkowska's pinned shoes are show stealers. The pins have been hammered through carefully, creating an inverted porcupine-like aesthetic. One pair of shoes is black while the other is white.