From 3D Skyscraper Heels to 3D-Printed Eyeglasses

 - Aug 2, 2014
The push towards 3D printed fashions is more realistic today more than ever as the availability of the intricate technology becomes more widespread. Imagine a world where instead of going to a shop for a piece of clothing it's printed at home from a design you downloaded from your favorite store. As this list of 3D printed fashions proves, such an experience might not be far off.

The 3D printing market is expanding at an exponential rate; new materials are being utilized to print goods of all kind and the painstakingly slow process is steadily getting faster. The availability of 3D printers is also on the rise as consumer-level models enter the market. Does the idea of 3D printed fashions make you curious about what else you could print or would you rather forego?