These Hats Designed by Elvis Pompilio Are 3D Printed and Overtly Ornate

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: mgxbymaterialise & mocoloco
No longer is 3D printing just a hopeful aspiration because designs like the ones here created by Elvis Pompilio are now an actuality. Printed using a complex machine and extensive virtual blueprints, the headpieces are more like ornately carved artistic works rather than hats.

3D printing is an interesting process and with the recent advent of consumer priced models, it'll only be a matter of time before the process is commonplace in design studios and even home offices.

With these creations coming to fruition from Elvis Ponpilio, I'm now believing that a designer collection made completely using a 3D printer is definitely going to hit the runway in a very short time period. After all, fashion utilizes any and every medium available, so being able to design a collection in a virtual environment is definitely the next challenge.