From Organic Color-Changing Lights to 3D-Printed Ceramics

 - Aug 23, 2014
There are few industries that have not been touched by the advent of 3D printing, which is what we're seeing with regard to these 3D-printed decor ideas that range in design from shabby to chic. As we see the demand for personalization and ease of use coming to a head for consumers, 3D-printed decor is satiating a want for the ultra-modern as well as for something that no one else will have.

3D-printed decor is transitioning the technology from utilitarian to artistic, which is effectively augmenting the perception of something that seems one part science fiction and one part overwhelmingly complex. The decrease in equipment pricing and the incorporation of a whole multitude of new, unexpected filaments means that the artistic vision for sculptors and beyond can be effectively imagined unlike ever before.