Kevin Byrd Designs a Femur Table with a 3D Printed Bone

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: work.kevinbyrd & flodeau
This Femur Table created by designer Kevin Byrd is certainly a unique take on home furniture. The idea for the Femur table came after a lonely table had lost its leg and Byrd decided to repair it. The bone became a replacement leg for the table. According to the artists website, the bone itself was modelled and 3D-printed. It is unclear whose femur bone he used to create the mold for the replacement leg, but it would make it that much greater if he used his own. Imagine owning a table with a boney leg modelled after your own gams.

The artists claims that "in the near future we may see dentists fabricating teeth or doctors creating organs on demand." This Femur Table by Kevin Bryrd is simply a commentary on the same sort of repair that the artist performed on his broken table.