Ceramic 3D Prints Maintain Their Intricate Surfaces by Compensation

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: eragatory.blogspot.be
The designer of these Ceramic 3D Prints aimed to account for the detail and definition that is often lost in pottery once a glaze has been applied. For Eragatory, it would not have been sufficient to sculpt subtle features in the clay, for these would be softened and diminished in the later stages of production.

The solution was to create a collection of vases that embodies some obvious formal intricacies, penetrating the very objects. The fibrous forms even provide the viewer with a look inside the vessels. To contrast this for an enhanced effect, the creator juxtaposed these pronounced textures with a layer of smooth material around the tops of the vases. The Ceramic 3D Prints serve as intriguing artistic items, yet offer practicality as food-safe containers for your kitchen.