Lilian Van Daal's 3D-Printed Chair is Inspired by Plant Cells

 - Aug 17, 2014
References: lilianvandaal & dezeen
Dutch designer Lilian van Daal has created a prototype chair that is inspired by plant cells.The idea behind the chair is to make furniture production as eco-friendly as possible by 3D printing a chair using only a single sheet of material. Most chairs are made using multiple types of material, including foam and wood. Additionally, since multiple types of materials are used, manufacturing usually takes place in multiple locations. All of this equals a lot of carbon emissions and wasted material just to make a single chair.

Van Daal's design was inspired by plant cells, which have a three-dimensional shape. In addition to their unique shape, the cells also provide the support a plant needs to stay upright. The chair was made using polyamide, but the designer is looking into using a different type of material that is more biologically sustainable. The 3D printer looks as though it's here to stay, and it likely won't be long before designs like Lilian van Daal's become the norm.