- Mar 19, 2015
These futuristic food innovations range from edible spray paint garnishes to 3D-printed chocolate snacks. Thanks to modern technology and countless innovations in the world of nutrition, the future of food boasts endless possibilities that will inspire budding and amateur chefs.

Fans of local and homegrown food will gravitate towards at-home harvesting supplies like plantable mushroom kits and other urban farming products. In addition to growing their vegetables at home, urban residents can now incorporate modular planters and gardens in an apartment setting.

For those with more gourmet tastes, self-sprouting veggie snacks, glass potato chips and even squid ink hamburgers are replacing traditional meal staples. From white gold caviar to meal-replacement powders, the world of futuristic food offers luxury, impeccable taste and most importantly convenience.

From Edible Spray Paint to 3D-Printed Chocolate Snacks: