The Datres 3600 Food Bars Pack Calories for the Wilderness

 - Nov 5, 2012
References: gearculture & ohgizmo
The Datrex 3600 food bars are designed for long, difficult travels and pack in more calories than you can imagine.

You never know when you will end up stranded on an island, get lost in the middle of the desert or even when the next natural disaster will strike. With a five-year shelf life, the Datrex 3600 food bars contain 3600 calories per package, which is approximately more than twice the daily intake for women and 50 percent more for men. With 18 squares per package -- that's 200 calories per square -- the food bars are ready to eat and don't make you thirsty after consumption, which also means less to carry on your trip. Though the exact ingredients for the Datrex 3600 are unknown, the calorie-packed meal is great for long hikes, camping and disaster preparation.