These Back to the Roots Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits Are Economical

 - May 15, 2013
References: store.backtotheroots
If you like to cook with mushrooms and have a knack for gardening, you will love these money-saving oyster mushroom growing kits by 'Back to the Roots.' These easy-to-use kits come with everything you need to grow and harvest your own oyster mushrooms by the bushel.

In only ten days, you can harvest up to 1 1/2 pounds of fresh, flavorful mushrooms. The best thing about Back to the Roots oyster mushroom growing kits is that they can grow all year round. The only thing you need to do is dump the contents of the 'Back to the Roots' box into a growing pan or old laundry basket, mist lightly with water and wait. Once the mushrooms are ready to harvest, you can enjoy these delectably textured morsels in a variety of dishes. Eating living funghi has never been so rewarding!