Nurture is a Living Fruit Bowl That Preserves Produce

 - Oct 2, 2014
References: hyunheehwang & mocoloco
Nurture fruit basket is a living storage concept that redefines the meaning or organic fruit packaging. The idea is designed by Hyunhee Hwang and is meant to preserve produce that is fragile and hard to transport.

Hyunhee Hwang‘s living fruit bowl is not your average decor item that is made of wood or porcelain. The organic fruit packaging is instead meant to preserve a fruit's shape, quality and nutrients, something that is often lost during the picking, transport and washing process.

This naturally formed fruit bowl molds to cherries, strawberries and other fruits that have a short shelf life and that are known for their fragility. It is both a package and storage concept that doesn't take nutrients away from its natural fruit contents. Moreover, the packaging is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.