Laithwaite's Unique Wine Pairings Suggest the Best Bugs to Go with Wine

 - Nov 29, 2014
References: lwcoukblog.wpengine & prexamples
Normally when you think of things that go well with wine, what comes to mind is cheese, chocolate or fruit, but Laithwaite's has truly come up with an even more unique wine pairing system.

A new post on Laithwaite's blog describes 'Ten Insect & Wine Pairings,' including what best compliments insects like zebra tarantulas, locusts, queen weaver ants and giant waterbugs—bet you didn't know that mealworms have a light, nutty taste that goes well with a Clare Valley Viognier wine. Alternatively, if you're a fan of red wine, Laithwaite's suggests that a McLaren Vale Shiraz pairs nicely with sago worms, which are said to be similar in taste to bacon.

As odd as this exploration may seem, insects could be a practical source of protein for the future and Laithwaite's describes: "We are now looking into including the tasting notes in selected cases of Laithwaite’s wines."