Chloé Rutzerveld's Edible Growth Project Features 3D-Printed Food

 - Mar 5, 2015
References: chloerutzerveld & demilked
Chloé Rutzerveld's 3D-printed food concept is titled 'Edible Growth' and features snacks that grow before they are consumed. Each of the industrial designer's edible creations are infused with yeast, seeds and spores that mature and sprout after five days.

Once fully ripe, these 3D-printed food items are a healthy snack and filled with plenty of nutrients. In addition to 3D-printed fashions, furnishings and toys, additive manufacturing is also becoming widely used in the food industry. After developing sugar, dessert and chocolate printers, engineers and designers are working to develop other 3D-printed food concepts like this one by Chloé Rutzerveld.

The conceptual snacks may not be a reality just yet but illustrate the power of 3D-printing technology and its potential to change the way we nourish ourselves in the future.