The 'Soylent' Powder Replaces Every Meal You Will Ever Eat Safely

 - Jun 5, 2013
Aiming to replace every meal, 'Soylent' gives you all the nutrition that you need in one convenient shape. Instead of using effort to think about and cook meals, you can just make a Soylent smoothie.

The Soylent powder provides everything your body needs to survive and thrive according to Soylent CEO Rob Rhinehart. Rhinehart experimented on himself with the powder in order to ensure that it could be used. For three months, Rhinehart lived exclusively off Soylent. At the end, his health metrics remained within healthy levels.

Each serving of powder contains no toxins, no carcinogens and no allergens. In addition, every ingredient in Soylent is FDA-approved. Those worried about allergens, heartburn and other problems can use Soylent as a safe substitute for food.