Hiccupops Will Alleviate the Annoying Function in a Fun Way

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: hiccupops & springwise
People all over the world have been holding their breath in hopes of curing the hiccups; no longer do we need to plug our noses or get sucker punched in the face by a stranger, as relief has finally come in the form of the Hiccupop.

A 13-year-old entrepreneur named Mallory Kievman has come up with this sweet invention, which essentially is a lollipop designed to put an end to that uncomfortable feeling by soothing the nerves in the throat with an apple cider vinegar and sugar lollipop.

After winning several awards for her tasty invention, Kievman is preparing to bring her product to market. Not only is this little girl an entrepreneur, but also a little hero as well. Kievman plans on exploring the relief the lollipop could give to patients going through chemotherapy, which often brings an added annoyance of Hiccups.

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