- Sep 18, 2014
When it comes to strawberry creations, these recipes always seem a lot healthier. Although any added fruit or vegetable does the trick, strawberries in particular have been touted as a healthy snack that is low in sugar and high in flavor. Not to mention that as a natural consequence, these strawberry creations are high in antioxidant properties, something that will appeal to most people.

From boozy desserts to atypical entres and even simple snacks, this collection of strawberry creations span quite a few dishes and products that will pique anyone's interest. Although cranberries are a winner during fall and winter, people can still indulge in some strawberry creations to get them through the colder months before spring and summer settle in. They are sure to help ward off colds and flus.

From Healthy Prenatal Beverages to Festive Fruity Salads: