- Sep 29, 2014
These Halloween dessert ideas are the perfect thing to serve around October 31st, especially if you're looking for treats that will satisfy party guests, as well as make them a little squeamish. These creepy confections take some of the most well-known creatures like zombies, witches and mummies and turn them into tasty treats.

When it comes to making these treats, it doesn't take a ton of expertise in the kitchen to be able to whip up some easy Halloween-themed desserts. Some of the easiest recipes to DIY include ones that involve cookie cutters or cake pans in fun shapes like skulls or spooky pumpkins. Some of these Halloween dessert ideas are truly scream-inducing, since they really put a focus on realism and make you think twice before you take that first bite.

From Freaky Festive Treats to Detached Limb Desserts: