Hello Kitty Donuts Give Japan's Famous Kitty a Delicious Make Over

Japan-based shop Mister Donut is offering a new range of Hello Kitty-themed pumpkin flavored treats. These delicious treats are styled as Jack-O-Lanterns that resemble Hello Kitty – and come complete with her trademark pink bow. For more intense fans of the famous kitty, the shop offers the ‘Misdo Box,’ complete with a stuffed, limited-edition toy and seven – count em – seven Hello Kitty donuts.

Hello Kitty is dressed in a witch costume to continue the Halloween theme – although the result is more adorable than scary. These donuts are a fun way to simultaneously enjoy Hello Kitty and Halloween – and stuff your face. Snap up this cute collector's item to share with your friends – or keep it all to yourself - this October 31st.