The Annual Eat Your Heart Out Competition Whets the Appetite With Blood

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: facebook & evilcakehead
Some of the top contenders for this year's edition of Eat Your Heart Out in London, England, feature some gruesome and stomach churning choices including a chopped off liqueur-flavored limb, a cupcake covered in wounds and interactive maggot cupcakes.

In this year's third edition of the Halloween edible art show, each of the cakes have a "beastly" theme. While the cupcakes themselves are a regular beige, creamy color, it's the details on top, on the sides and even that oozing and slipping out of them that make them that much more horrific. The maggot cupcakes by Twisted Fondant, for example, have extractable mango flavored maggots and puss that are to be removed before eating them. Another, this time by Heartache Cakes, is called the "Mouth of Kraken" have 100 individual handmade pieces of jagged and crunching teeth that is sure to make one's blood curdle.

This year's Eat Your Heart Out competition is supported by The Kraken Rum.