Improve Your Haunting Holiday with These Itty-Bitty Bat Cupcakes

 - Oct 28, 2012
References: bakerella
The Itty-Bitty Bat cupcakes by Bakerella may not give you a Halloween fright, but they are still a festive and delicious treat to have on your sweet table.

The purple bats resemble a Sesame Street puppet, with their goggly eyes, black wings and shimmering violet skin. Like a lot of Bakerella's recipes, there is no shortness of cute with these night creatures. The bats and their wings are made out of a chocolate batter. The body is the shape of a cupcake pan while a silver cookie cutter is used to etch out the shape of the wing. The key to these small tasty treats is to sprinkle on sugar crystals after the icing is spread. This gives the Itty-Bitty Bat cupcakes the appearance of a shimmering vampire who just transformed into its alternative form.