- Oct 28, 2014
At a first glance, the fake strawberry blood, spooky faces and creepy shapes of these Halloween cake recipes might be a little bit starting. However, these desserts are perfect for a spooky party where you want to freak out your guests before they dig into some treats that hopefully taste better than they look.

These cakes, cake pops and cupcakes range from the extremely easy to make to ones that will definitely be more time consuming. Fortunately, since Halloween can be fairly forgiving when it comes to blood splatters and creatures with misshapen faces, there's plenty of room to make mistakes if you're a beginner in the kitchen. These ghostly, witchy and vampiric cakes are perfectly spooky things to prepare and serve to get into the spirit of Halloween.

From Vampiric Cake Pops to Spooky Tree Cupcakes: