These Anatomical Macarons are Not for the Squeamish

 - Aug 31, 2012
References: flickr & foodbeast
Crafted with exceptional accuracy and detail, these anatomical macarons are macabre masterpieces made entirely of edible goods. If you are looking for a daring and demanding project to undertake this Halloween season, feast your eyes on these badass cookies.

Thankfully, the anatomical theme stops at the decorative aspect, because these macarons are vanilla flavored. Designed exclusively for the Eat Your Heart Out 2012 party by Miss Insomnia Tulip, the confections come in a number of anatomically correct profiles. Everything from the brains to the heart and the liver can be found on this ghoulish spread of decadent treats.

Using edible decorating paints and markers, the various parts of each organ are brought to life. Admire the detail and intricate craftsmanship behind these anatomical macarons.