These Dark Chocolate Skulls from Fancy are Spooky and Tasty

 - Aug 12, 2013
References: fancy
It's never too early to start celebrating Halloween, especially when you've got some delicious dark chocolate skulls like these ones, available from Fancy.

These life-sized chocolate creations are each "studiously rendered," using real human skulls as models. Every ridge, crevice and bump is dutifully created based on real skulls, making these chocolate desserts delightfully macabre.

Purchasers of these tasty confections can choose from four different flavors: dark chocolate, chili chocolate, caramel chocolate, and milk chocolate. While each of these flavors is surely delectable, the chili chocolate might add a spiciness suited to these Gothic snacks.

Whether you're looking to freak out a friend by eating what looks like a human skull right in front of their eyes, or you just want to hand out some seriously cool party favors, these skulls are perfect for you. While a tad untraditional, these delicious desserts are some of the most unique edibles on the market.