The Dark Chocolate Skeleton Cookies are a Tasty Halloween Dessert

The Dark Chocolate Skeleton Cookies are the perfect Halloween dessert to serve up this year. After your little ones have filled up on a pumpkin-themed dinner, they'll surely love to finish it off with a chocolaty Halloween dessert. This awesome recipe comes from Maryanna at the Taste & See blog.

There's no reason to just bake them for the 31st of October either, get your kids into the spooky festive spirit and have them ready to eat throughout the month. The recipe is super simple too, so there's no reason not to give them a try. Maryanna gives a great recipe for a tasty dark chocolate batter and then all you'll need is a tube of white icing.

You can easily create the skeleton body by using a gingerbread cookie cutter, then just design a skeleton frame on top. These are a must-try Halloween dessert.