Fun Halloween Recipes Like Banana Frozen Ghosts are Easy & Healthy

 - Sep 25, 2013
References: teachmama
For those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth but also get their daily dose of fruit, try this banana ‘Frozen Ghost’ fun Halloween recipe. These little guys take only a matter of minutes to prepare, but mean that the kids will be getting some fruit in their system on Halloween.

These ‘Frozen Ghosts’ are simply comprised of a bunch of frozen bananas, white melted chocolate (or Cool Whip), popsicle sticks and chocolate chips. Start by cutting a bunch of bananas in two and pierce them with the popsicle sticks (or skewers). Then dip the bananas into a tub of melted white chocolate (or Cool whip, or a combination of the two). Place these on a tray that is appropriate for freezing then begin adding chocolate chips for eyes. Freeze these snacks for a few hours and you’re ready for a real treat later.

This recipe is easy to make and inexpensive. Try a somewhat healthy alternative with this ‘Frozen Ghost’ fun Halloween recipe.