- Oct 3, 2014
These floral flavoring examples range from lavender lollipop sweets to flower-filled ice cubes that add a touch of fragrant beauty to a refreshing cocktail or glass of sparkling water.

When one thinks of traditional flavor combinations, fruits, vegetables and herbs come to mind. These plant-based ingredients are quickly becoming overshadowed by floral flavors that add taste and fragrance to desserts and cocktail recipes. Flowers are no longer subject to teas only as botanically-infused recipes become increasingly more popular than expected ingredient pairings.

These floral flavoring examples are not only healthy and tasty but are also beautiful to look at. Standouts from this list include The Groovy Baker's lavender infused lollipops. The Etsy shop is known to create unconventional hard candy and this flavor is a favorite among its customers.

Another memorable example from the list is Death to Sour Mix's Diving Bell cocktail recipe that blends together citrus and elderflower ingredients.

From Lavender Lollipops to Flower-Filled Ice Cubes: