This Rose Petal Honey Recipe Makes Colorfully Sweet Floral Honey

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: gardenista
As if honey isn’t perfect already, this rose petal honey makes an even sweeter and irresistible jar of gold. Not only does this recipe capture the sweetness of summer flowers, but it also looks beautiful as a gift.

If you have ever swirled honey into fruit and yogurt you know how enjoyable this viscus gold goop can be. Now infuse it with fresh flowers and you’re in for a sweetness incomparable to anything else. This is the taste of pure luxury. Use the petals from organically grown roses and place them in a jar. Pour fresh local honey over the petals. Allow the honey to steep for two week and stir the mixture everyday.

You can enjoy rose petal honey on toast or in yogurt or for dessert on ice cream.